Sport Resort Ylläs will invest three million euros for developing the slope activities during the summer 2021! A fully automatic snow making system and LED lighting will be built on the slope nr. 17 Gondolirinne which is one of the main slopes in Ylläs. Thanks to the new snowmaking system, the snowmaking efficiency will increase by about 35 percent compared to the current situation. The automatic snowmaking system is more energy efficient than the current one and saves both water and electricity.

As part of the investment, we will also acquire a new hybrid snow cat, Pisten Bully 600E+, for the winter season 2021-2022. The new snow cat is more environmentally friendly than previous models. The hybrid snow cat reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20 percent compared to a basic slope machine.

In the beginning of this year Sport Resort Ylläs has become a user of 100% renewable energy. With these activities we aim to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations. The project has received support from the European Regional Development Fund.

The carbon footprint was calculated in the TOBE low carbon -project. Sport Resort Ylläs has also participated in the work shops of the TOBE1 project. The main point in those work shops was to focus on developing the sustainability of our company.

Solar panels have been installed on the roof of Café Gondol, located at the top of Ylläs. The energy from the panels is used for the needs of the café and Gondolas top station.

Social responsibility

Every year, we offer season passes to all preschoolers in Kolari. In addition, all Kolari schoolchildren are offered a free skiing day every year. Smaller kids from kindergartens get free Gondola tour.

Most of our company’s staff is local. We are trying our best to be active year round so we could offer more permanent jobs. We have already managed to increase our summer activities and we are open in every month of the year.

We will develop recycling system in our company for the next winter season. We also want to encourage our customers to recycle as much as possible.