Family Owned

Sport Resort Ylläs is a family owned business that has been serving skiers on the south slope of Ylläs for over thirty years. It started in 1985, when Reijo Riila and Osmo Virranniemi took over the then relatively new ski centre. Today their sons, Mikko Riila and Mikko Virranniemi, are also part of the company.


Over the years, the company has invested over 30 million euros in the business. The most significant investment has been the “Ylläs 1 Gondoli” lift, which opened in 2008. This gondola lift is the biggest of its kind in Finland. With it, the resort’s lifts can meet the demands of even the most hectic parts of the season - and guests can concentrate on enjoying the slopes.


The possibility of getting to the top of Yllästunturi in only seven minutes has changed skiing at Sport Resort Ylläs. It can even be said to have changed skiing in Finland overall. For skiers it means easier access to the slopes and more slope kilometres per day!


The kind of monoskis that were a common sight when Reijo and Osmo started may have disappeared from the slopes and the neon-coloured bobble beanies may have been replaced by ski helmets, but the aim of the company and the ski centre has remained the same. That is, to create the best possible environment for skiing!


Sport Resort Ylläs is genuinely proud of its history - and of its low staff turnover. Some of the staff have been with the resort since the very beginning. We hope that guests, like them, will not only come here, but will return for many years to come!