Sport Resort Ylläs is a full-service ski resort in Ylläsjärvi, Kolari, in Finnish Lapland. It is based on the 719 metre (2,359 feet) high Ylläs fell, which makes it Finland's highest ski resort.


It also has the greatest number of skiing slopes and the greatest height difference between the highest and lowest ski stations in Finland - and a gondola lift that can take guests all the way to the top in just seven minutes!


The slopes, which are up to three kilometres long, don't have any long transition paths. This means that guests can give their full attention to experiencing all the nuances of the beautiful Lapland fells as they ski or snowboard.


Sport Resort Ylläs is especially suited for family vacations. Guests will find everything they need within easy walking distance, including restaurants, shops, equipment rentals, a spa, and a bowling alley.


Please explore our site and see all that Sport Resort Ylläs has to offer!