Winter Warrior Finland OCR


Winter Warrior Finland is the toughest obstacle course race above the Arctic Circle. Put your physical and mental strength to a real test with 13 kilometers of obstacles, immersing snow and freezing water. Race from summit to summit and enjoy the most amazing scenery and the freshest air in the World.

This arctic race gives a refreshing breeze to swiftly growing Obstacle Course Racing scene. In a national park there is no scaffolding, the obstacles are mainly based on nature. There is running in deep snow, crawling in snow tunnels, climbing on ropes and diving in the hole in the ice.

In addition to the race squads there is a more relaxed Winter Warrior Challenge. The challenge is intended for those who want to challenge themselves alone or as a group but are not interested in competing or else want to take it a bit less serious.

Race start and finish are at Nature Center Kellokas. The race course runs vie fells Kellostapuli and Kesänki. The water obstacles are at lake Kesänki. Best places for audience to watch the race are at Kellokas and lake Kesänki.


28.03.2020 10:00:00


28.03.2020 16:00:00


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