24-hour Skiing Competition


In 2016, a charity series was added. The charity series is a team series with no team member limit. Companies and other groups can participate. Participation fees and any other donations go to charity target that changes every year!


4th of April 2020
By 12.00 - registration at the information desk
13.00 Meeting of all participants (Taiga restaurant)
14.00 Start of the competition (at the lower gondola station)

5th of April 2020
14.00 Finish line
15.00 Victory ceremony

The slopes included in the competition will be announced on 14th of April 2019.


- There are three series: individual, team (no more than three members per team), and charity (individual or team, no member limit).
- The winner is the person or team that makes the most ascents within twenty-four hours.
- It starts at 14.00 (Saturday) and ends at 14.00 (Sunday).
- The ski pass and the vest work as a baton, and are passed from one team member to the next. The vest number must be clearly visible.
- Helmets are mandatory.
- More than one team series participant may ski or snowboard at the same time, but only one of the ski passes is counted toward the final total.
- Competitors can change the equipment during the race. The change of the equipment must be done on the bottom lift station.
- When changing the equipment, competitor takes the new equipment from the same place as she/he leaves the former equipment. Competitor can't try to get advance of someone else carrying his/her equipment during the change.
- Competitors must carry their own equipment to the lift and from the lift during the race. The children can be assisted with carrying the equipment.
- The start is done "Le Mans" style, i.e. there is a running start and participants pick up equipment from its own line before going to the lift. Only one member of each team takes part in the start.
- The last ascent must be registered before 14:00 on Sunday, to be counted.
- Team exchanges of ski passes and vests take place at the indicated "pit stop".
- If a participant stops the gondola by, for example, blocking the door with equipment, the participant or team loses that ascent.
- Downhill racing is prohibited. Turns must be clearly visible.
- After one warning, downhill racing costs the participant or team that ascent.
- Taking shortcuts costs the participant or team that ascent.
- If weather conditions require the closing of the Gondola, the competition will take place using another lift, if possible.
- Competitors must race safely all the time. Incautious skiing and setting other people on risk of hurting causes warning/removing from the competition.
- If the competitor gets disqualified from the competition because of breaking the rules, he/she automatically loses the right to participate next years 24h-competition.
- Competitor can ski as much as they want and everyone can stop whenever they feel tired. If referees see that someone is not able to ski safely anymore, they can remove that competitor from the competition temporarily or permanently.
- Leaving the anchor lift before the exit point costs the participant or team two ascents.
- Participants must have a valid ski pass during the competition. If team members take turns, only one pass is needed.
- Participants must provide their own insurance coverage.

The organiser of the event reserves the right to make changes.